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Don’t let sugar cravings dictate your weight.

Most sugar cravings are a result of emotions, and instead of sitting with our emotions, we tend to want to escape. Enter bag of cookies or piece of cheesecake. ⠀

When we give into every craving, or obsess over our cravings, we are letting sugar cravings dictate our weight (and in some cases, our life.) ⠀

To get out of this cycle, we must learn how to sit with our feelings. They will eventually pass. ⠀

If you’re feeling true hunger, this will be more persistent. If you are truly hungry, it’s time to eat. But try to go for something filling (high in fiber) so you won’t be hungry again in 20 mins. ⠀

Remember, when sugar cravings hit your mind will try to bullshit you into believing this is your last chance to eat. It’s not your last chance to eat – you have full control over what you decide to do. Stay detached from your thoughts by practicing mindfulness. ⠀

Sometimes sugar cravings are a habit, too. We tend to get into the habit of craving certain foods at certain times, or just when they’re put in front of us (E.g., after work, I always eat something sweet.) By rewiring your brain, you can change your habits to never even want to eat the food in the first place! 

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